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Danny and Lynn Klein have been "love birds" for 20 years and married for the past 12 years.


They attended King's College from 1999-2002 where they took every class together in Elementary Education.


After graduating in 2002, they both accepted head teacher positions at Wyoming Valley Montessori School (W.V.M.S.) in Kingston. They both had the opportunity to even teach together in the same classroom as co-teachers for their first 5 years of teaching just before Lynn became the admissions and marketing director of W.V.M.S.. They are both currently in their 16th year working at the school.

Lynn has 11 years experience in admission, sales and marketing as an administrator working at W.V. Montessori School, Kingston. 

Danny has 15 years of ad/web design, sales, publishing, accounting, and marketing experience working at the following:

In 2002-2005, Danny created Web Team Publishing where he designed ads, brochures, menus and published handmade websites. Some of those clients at that time were: Atmosphere Salon, Ace Garment Cleaner, Savo's Pizza, Photography by Jay, Sabatelles Market, and Bohn Landscaping to name a few.

In 2004, Danny created WyomingAve.com, along with his late father-in-law, Ron Mortimer, a website and published business directory promoting 9 miles of shopping from Edwardsville to West Pittston. In about 7 weeks, nearly 100 businesses joined along with local media sponsors. 

In 2005, this small publication soon expanded into the well known Westsider Magazine which was renamed the IndependentNEPA magazine in 2008. John & Petra Plucenik, owners of the magazine partnered with Danny since he had established so many local relationships and because each believed in "fighting for the little guy." This full-color glossy, quarterly magazine of creativity, culture & change has  promoted hundreds of small family independent businesses and organizations in Northeast Pa from 2005-2016.

- From 2009-2012, Danny took over the IndependentNEPA magazine as publisher, sales and accounting. During those years, he managed and made all of the decisions from start to finish for 13 total publications ranging from 64-76 pages that were printed quarterly. (130,000 magazines in total)

- In 2013, shortly after the passing of his mother and father-in-law, Danny stepped back to handle only sales until the publishers decided to close the IndependentNEPA magazine in summer of 2016.

In Winter of 2016/2017, Danny and Lynn realized that their was no source when it came to promoting anything that was new, so they decided to start their own publication called Newsy Box. A full-color glossy magazine and website dedicated to keeping the community up-to-date on "All the New" in Northeast, PA.

In late December of 2017, they published their "kickoff issue" of Newsy Box which contained a sampling of just some of the "New" in the area. Their second and current spring/summer issue grew to forty pages and the reaction from the advertisers and prospective clients were comments like, "Wow!" "Impressive!" "Great Concept!" and "I'm On Board!"  The next deadline to promote or "Share your New" is August 15th.

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